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Smart home automation allows you to control your home with a single device using Android and IOS device from anywhere in the world. The system is affordable and easy to install within short span.
The Device connects with simple plug and play wireless technology that allow you to see and control just about anything in your home from anywhere in the world using a smart phone App. And because they are wireless they require no wiring, drilling and no specialist installation. In fact it can be set up by anyone without a technical background in under 20 minutes.
New technology mainly used to save electricity and water bills in UAE by 40% of energy savings. Using this device will automatically switching off lights when there is no one home, pre-programming your AC so that the temperature is just right for when you arrive and linking your garden sprinklers to wireless soil sensors so it only uses the water that the plants need.
The system can help owners protect their business and cut down on energy consumption. The system can be used to programme AC temperatures based on office timings or switch off lights automatically after hours when no motion is detected. Smart security cameras linked to motion, contact and smoke alarm sensors are also an affordable alternative to costly security guards or monitoring services. Remote access control can also be used to unlock the office door to let employees or record attendance.
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