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Different Parrot Chicks Species On sale

Ras-Al-Khaimah April 24, 2018 455 total views, 4 today

Arab Afro Exotic Birds Aviary specializes in raising Hand fed parrot chicks. The Species we raise are; Solomon Island, Vosmaeri and Grand Eclectus, Congo African […]



Fertile Parrot Eggs Species on sale

Al-Ain April 16, 2018 472 total views, 1 today

we now have the freshest hatching species of parrot eggs for sale. We only sell quality parrot eggs and we collect fertile hatching eggs 2-3 […]

Red-Billed-Toucans-10000-1 3


Red-Billed Toco Toucans on Sale

Fujairah February 14, 2018 337 total views, 0 today

We captive rear and breed Red-billed toucan is brightly marked and has a huge bill. The bill is typically 14-18 cm (51/2-7 in) long. The […]



4 Blue and Gold Macaw Young Breeder Pairs on Sale

Abu-Dhabi February 7, 2018 311 total views, 0 today

We have placed 4 pairs of our young breeder blue and gold macaws on offer at an affordable rate since we now have a full […]

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Different Amazon Parrot Pet Species on Sale

Al-Ain February 4, 2018 574 total views, 2 today

We are the top breeders of Amazon parrot species within the Congo basin region which is known for its vast rich bio-diversity in animal and […]