Work & Live in Abu Dhabi

Moving to Abu Dhabi –The Capital & largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and many of the same high points that encouraged expats to work & live in Abu Dhabi are Tax Free Benefits, Multi-cultural community, can travel across the world easily, Many Attractive tourist locations in short reach like India, Malaysia, Thailand , Sri Lanka, Indonesia …..within few hours reach. vibrant lifestyle with lots of opportunities for shopping and entertainment, and an extremely safe environment where crime and theft are rarities.

UAE the happiest country in Gulf, says UN

The quality of life is good, crime rate is negligible and education and health care make us smile- Link Below

It is with very little in the way of hyperbole that Abu Dhabi is described as the richest city in the world: the Emirate sits atop one-tenth of the planet’s oil, has a larger sovereign wealth fund than any country, has the highest GDP and per capita income in the United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi isn’t just a kingdom of oil. The Abu Dhabi government, has worked wonders in diversifying their economy in recent years, using oil revenues to draw investment into the state’s industrial, real estate, tourism and retail sectors. Indeed, the rate at which 300m+ tall skyscrapers have penetrated the Abu Dhabi skyline is staggering.

More and more expats are moving to Abu Dhabi in search of the same tax-free wealth, less the constant commercial frenzy, found in nearby Dubai. Once a desert outpost dependent on pearling and palm gardening, the city and surrounds have grown tremendously in the last decade and has now emerged as an attractive destination luring foreigners from around the globe.

Expats moving to the UAE will experience a country with modern architecture, fantastic beaches, and a subtropical climate. The desert landscape contrasts with 700 kilometers of coastline. Coral reefs, sandbanks, and small islands do not only attract tourists, but they also make moving to the UAE a fascinating and exciting experience. Most companies attract Talent from across the world by providing attractive Tax Free salary Plus Free Housing/Flights /Medical etc…and moreover UAE Has a Strict labour law which safeguards the rights of the employees.

With 80% of the UAE’s population being foreign born, the country is often considered an expat’s paradise. Indeed, you’ll find that many aspects of living in the UAE combine to make settling in fairly easy for expats.

As a person who has worked and lived in UAE around 20 Years, I would strongly recommend this career option for the following reasons;- Saving Potential, Shopping Malls, Entertainment, Social life, Multi Cuisines , Restaurants, Beaches and Beach Resorts to spend weekends, Desert Dunes & Easy to Travel Across the World!

Based on the current economic situations, the safe sectors to get into jobs in Abu Dhabi or UAE would be Healthcare, Education, Hospitality & Tourism.

By Renji Rajan
International Recruitment Specialist in IT

Life in Dubai from a Pakistani Perspective

Visiting Dubai is always charming! But, what have I observed there?

There are many answers to this questions. Whenever, I look around, more than 80% youngsters are interested to get a job in Dubai rather than in Pakistan. However, everything is not so green there what is assumed while sitting outside. My 3 days stay was not enough to get in depth information, but I concluded the following while comparing life at Pakistan;

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Living in Dubai

There are an awful lot of great reference sites for those thinking of embarking on a new life in a developing market but I write this more as a journal of personal experience rather than advice on how to live here and where to go. I hope for those who read they get at least a flavour of what this awe-inspiring city does offer.

Probably one of the first things you’ll notice about this city, despite its impressive night skyline and its overwhelming futuristic beauty, is how the whole world lives here. When you arrive the best way to see this is visit JBR at the weekend and see how so many cultures from the “bikini clad” westerners to pristine and respectful locals go about their weekend. It’s certainly a very different vibe to that of London.

So here are my top five observations after eleven months in:

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